Pactpan academy


Free online training course of Doctors with Africa CUAMM, boosting disaster preparedness among healthcare workers in low resource settings.

Every health care worker should be equipped to proficiently and safely work in a variety of facilities during disasters, both in high and low resource settings. Boosting preparedness for disasters through training programs in the health sector has the potential to improve HCPs’ confidence to respond effectively in disasters, their perception of preparedness and confidence and their overall knowledge of emergency activities and procedures.

The “Just in Time” CUAMM training consists of a 7 module training package delivered through a distance learning interface (total training duration: approximately 6 hours).

The training curriculum was designed with the specific aim to provide healthcare workers in low- resource settings with the following specific disaster-related competencies:

     1. provide healthcare workers with a common background of knowledge and information about disaster-specific information;
     2. provide healthcare workers with the adequate competencies to proficiently and safely work inside any healthcare facility during any disasters;
     3. understand the working principles and the standard operating procedures in place at their working place in preparation for, during or in the aftermath of a disaster;
     4. understand basic principles of disaster medicine and public health emergencies.
At the end of the course, it is possible to take a learning test that enables the participant to receive a digital certificate of attendance.